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Cellulite Reduction

SmoothShapes® Offers a Safe, New, Effective & Long Lasting Cellulite Reduction Treatment

Cellulite affects more than 85% of women. It does not result from poor diet or lack of exercise, as cellulite can be apparent on even thin women.

The development of cellulite is primarily caused by hormones, vascular changes and inflammation. Fat cells just under the skin swell or enlarge and the once flexible collagen bands become brittle and no longer stretch properly. This is what causes that dimpled skin known as cellulite.

Cellulite can be improved with a series of painless, non-invasive treatments. SmoothShapes® XV with Photomology®, is a proprietary process that treats cellulite by combining dynamic light and laser energy along with mechanical manipulation (vacuum and massage). SmoothShapes XV addresses the underlying causes and physical manifestations of cellulite by treating enlarged fat cells and brittle or inflexible fibre septae, providing long lasting results that patients can see and feel.

Treatment feels like a deep tissue massage and requires no preparation or downtime.

How It Works

The Photomology® process from SmoothShapes® combines dynamic laser and light energy with mechanical manipulation (vacuum and massage) to specifically impact the tissue components responsible for the appearance of cellulite and to smooth the appearance of the skin.

Actual Results May Vary.