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Photo Facials

Restore Your Youth With Minimal Recuperation Time

A photo facial helps restore a more youthful appearance without requiring time for recuperation.

It is a new technology that can help reduce fine wrinkles and large pores and gradually restore a smooth, even surface to your face, hands and chest. A Photo Facial treatment is used to improve the appearance of photo-aged skin, remove age spots, most brown pigments and redness caused by broken capillaries.

In summary, photo facial treatments can eliminate or reduce:

  • Sun damage
  • Flushing and redness
  • Skin texture
  • Sun-induced brown spots and freckles on the hands, chest, and face
  • Broken capillaries around the nose

During a Photo Facial, the non-laser light source is focused on the unwanted melanin, breaking down the pigment. Deeper level damaged blood vessels are treated at the same time. Similarly, vascular lesions are heated, causing them to shrink and be absorbed by surrounding tissue.

Multiple treatments may be needed for maximum benefit. Improvement is gradual over time and requires no recuperation.

Today there are several treatments available to rejuvenate your appearance and restore healthy, glowing skin. Some of these treatments are similar and may be used to treat the same areas. A consultation with your doctor is recommended to determine which treatment is the right one for your skin and circumstances.