Rockland Med Spa | West Nyack, NY


Body Bliss

Body Bliss Massage from SkincerelyThis ritual begins with an aromatic inhalation and full body massage with a special blend of evergreen oils to open the sinuses and combat fatigue and concludes with a stimulating peppermint foot massage.

Aromatic Hot Towel Massage

Uses an aromatic blend of lavender oils combined with a luxurious, full body massage with steaming hot towels for the ultimate relaxing treatment. Tension within muscles is unraveled with this powerful, effective treatment.

Warm Stone Massage

Warm Stone Massage from SkincerelyGives an unparalleled level of relaxation as smooth basalt stones are used to help penetrate heat deep in the muscles. Heated stones are massaged into sore muscles to melt away tension and relieve stress while restoring energy and balance to the body inducing a fulfilling sense of well being.

Swedish Massage

A relaxing treatment that uses a firm but gentle pressure to improve the circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, improves flexibility and creates relaxation. This massage employs different movements including long, gliding strokes, kneading of individual muscles and friction.


Reflexology from SkincerelyA concentrated massage on the soles of the feet to relax and reenergize corresponding internal body systems. Experience relief from your pain with the ancient therapy. Heal yourself through your feet!

Maternity Massage

Techniques are used to relax and relieve the aches and pains experienced by expectant mothers. Pregnancy causes unique physical changes as your body adapts to accommodate the growth of your baby. Edema and muscle strain often result. Other prenatal massage benefits include relief of sciatic nerve, muscle and joint pain, headaches, leg cramping and round ligament pain. It can also ease constipation, heartburnand gas, sinus congestion, stress and anxiety.