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Skincerely [and Rockland] Med Spa has my highest recommendation!   I could not be more pleased with the results, with Dr. Farruggio, or with the services there.  Three procedures (eyes, jawline and neck) is quite a bit of surgery, and I wondered what could be done without looking “artificial.”  My friend’s comment when the first bandage came off was, “you definitely look 10 years younger,” and as two weeks have passed, I cannot but notice that I look perfectly “normal” to myself because this is exactly how I used to look—but even more than 10 years ago!  Discomfort has been minimal and recovery much faster than I expected.  Michelle, Dr. Farruggio’s assistant, is not only very knowledgeable, but very compassionate, kind and helpful in every way. Dr. Farruggio is clearly an excellent surgeon and inspired my confidence.  He seemed to give me all the time I wanted for asking questions and expressing concerns.  The process was very smooth and the day of surgery was comfortable and relaxed.  I am perfectly happy with the service and all the wonderful staff at Skincerely [and Rockland] Med Spa and would not hesitate to return there or to recommend them to others.  Every visit was a pleasant experience, so anyone considering a change should arrange for the free consultation very soon!*

T. L.

Early in 2015 I decided to get rid of a few spider veins on my thighs. After some online research, I came across Dr. Rex Ghassemi’s practice. From our first consultation, I felt immediately at ease with his expertise, professionalism and pragmatic approach to treatment. Ladan Abbasi expertly treated my veins (and later performed botox magic on my face). Since then I’ve also had SmartLipo on my thighs by Dr. Donna Konilan & Dr. Ghassemi.  Nancy Suarez has been invaluable throughout this process; walking me through what to expect and coordinating all my appointments. Last, but certainly not least – Lobna Chaichian has been involved in all my services – either assisting her colleagues or just to hold my hand to make sure I’m ok. I’m pleased with all my results. I have and will continue to recommend Venolase to my family and friends.*

Marisa S.

I just wanted to express my gratitude and utter appreciation to this center and the wonderful people who work here. Not only are they excellent technicians, but possess a warm, welcoming style which makes me feel at home. The results are amazing and it’s money well spent. Again you have a wonderful staff here. Ladan and Lobna are excellent and it has been my pleasure to work with them. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!*

Laura, NY

I have had the pleasure of being one satisfied patient at Venolase. From the beginning the front staff all the way to the exam room were wonderful. I have never been so happy and content about my legs as I am now. Ladan made me feel so comfortable, she reassured me that the treatment plan works. She is amazing, she really nursed my legs back to beauty and I am very happy. Thank you!*

Patricia M.

Last year this time, I had always worn a little sweater over my tank tops, except around the house. Looked silly on 100 degree days, but hated my upper arms that much.Then one day while at a dermatologist appointment, I heard someone asking for a consult for Smart-lipo on her arms. Immediately I was intrigued, so I asked for one too. Within 5 minutes of meeting Dr. Ghassemi I was sold. He was so personable and professional, I booked my appointment for the next week.

The day of the procedure was a breeze. Dr. Ghassemi and his assistants were so comforting and caring, and we shared a lot of laughs while downsizing my arms, lol. I came home and went about my business, back to work the next day. I was able to hide the whole procedure from my kids too!

Within weeks, I lost the sweaters, and have so much confidence when I leave the house in just a tank top. At each of the 3 followup visits I have had, they take picture for Before and Afters, and boy what a difference. It is now 3 months later, and I am still seeing improvement in the tone of my arms. I feel great at the gym, not having to wear short sleeve t-shirts, but instead racerback tanks.

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Ghassemi and all the staff at Venolase and Skincerely. They make you feel so good about yourself, and are always smiling.*


You have changed my life. The Smart Lipo procedure has motivated me to exercise and maintain a diet. I love the way I look now. Thank you Dr. Ghassemi! I’m looking forward to future procedures.*

J.Y., Poughquag, NY

I love the attentive care & professionalism of the staff at Venolase. Dr. Ghassemi has made me feel fantastic; something I haven’t felt in a long time.*

R.S. Haskell, NJ

I wanted to tell you that I was nervous going into my arm Lipo surgery but I have to say that it was so much easier than I imagined. Your team is extremely professional and made me feel comfortable. The procedure was not painful and the recovery was quite fast. I was back at work within days and within a month I was receiving compliments on my arms. I would recommend Venolase to anyone who has thought about traditional Lipo and would tell them that Smart Lipo is much more advanced and the way to go. I am looking forward to my next procedure in August and feel very confident about the results.*

S.P. Hackensack, NJ

In October 2010 I had a Smartlipo procedure on my stomach, sides and back. I was unsure about what I would look like, feel & what would happen months or years later. The morning of the procedure I was given some medicine to relax and make me sleep if possible. The pain was minimal and I was not even taking pain killers. Although the procedure lasted 3 hours it bought me back 10 years ago when I had a firmer, skinnier midsection. Between the surgery & a regular gym routine, I feel great, my wife says I look great and I am very excited seeing a six pack. I would recommend the procedure to anyone as the pain was very minimal, recovery time quick and results instant.*

G.K. Hackensack, NJ

I’d like to thank Dr. Ghassemi and his staff for the care and skill they provided me with for the treatment of varicose and spider veins. I initially had an ambulatory phlebectomy performed for my vein disease. It was performed by Laden Abbasi with the assistance of Jody Dock. Both Laden and Jody are extremely skilled and caring. I had very little discomfort and was relaxed and talking throughout the entire procedure. The skill and attention provided to me was amazing; I can’t thank them enough!

I am currently being treated with sclerotherapy for my spider veins and small varicose veins. The sclerotherapy is being performed by Jody Epstein with the assistance of Jody Dock. They are incredibly skilled and have relieved me of my anxiety. I have experienced little discomfort and was able to resume my normal activities immediately. I want to thank Laden Abbasi, Jody Epstein and Jody Dock for their expertise and caring manner. I feel very fortunate to have found this wonderful medical practice.*

Marygrace Perrupato

I have been a patient of Dr. Ghassemi for many years, and he is the reason I am still alive. During an office visit a couple of months ago, he did a venous ultrasound done on my varicose veins. I decided to have them removed with a laser ablation treatment. The process was very quick and pretty painless. A couple of weeks after my laser ablation I came back for an ambulatory phlebectomy of my bulging veins. I am happy to say that now my leg looks great and feels great as well. The staff , especially Ladan and Karolina, made the experience very comfortable and great. Now if I see anyone with varicose veins, I refer them to Dr. Ghassemi for treatment.*

Frank Diehl

The vein treatment I received was great. I am very happy with the procedures done on my legs. I wish I had done this earlier and didn’t wait so long. The pain and cramps in my legs are almost completely gone. I have such relief. Thank You to All!*

Zofia Pawlowski


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